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Church Growth in Zimbabwe 

'I greet you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

A lot has been happening in the church of God here in Zimbabwe which I felt I should share with the Chief Shepherd, the Archbishop of the Province and the Primate of the Church of God. Since the historic consecration of the first bishop of the Diocese of the Holy Trinity in Zimbabwe on the 21st of June 2014 the church has been on a growth path witnessed by the number of confirmations, the new churches being planted and the ordained Priests and Deacons.

Four confirmations have been held to date which saw twenty six being confirmed. In the very near future about ten more shall be confirmed before the end of August 2014. A new church has been planted in Harare today and four more shall be planted by the end of the year as preparations for the launch are at an advanced stage. This will bring the total of our parishes to fifteen across the country. Seven Clergy (3 Priests & 4 Deacons) were ordained during our Annual Conference in Chiwetu, Rusape on the 16th of August 2014 bringing the total number of clergy to seventeen. Over 400 people attended inluding the relatives of those ordained. The newly Ordained priests were given bibles.

The church also held a special synod on the 26th of July 2014 to regularize her leadership following the consecration of Bishop +Emmanuel and three senior clergy were appointed as Canons namely Canon Rev Takorera, Canon Andrew Tandi and Canon Rev Webster Simbabure. Canon Rev Greenfield Mwakipesile together with Bishop Emeritus Alfred will act as the Advisors to the bishop. The synod also elected a church Treasurer Mr Gilbert Dzvuke to manage the finances of the church. The synod also agreed to appoint Auditors to audit her finances at the end of every financial year.

We ask you to continue to pray for us as the church grows for God to continue guiding us by His Spirit and that He provides His church with the necessary gifts to grow and nature His people for His kingdom.

The Rt. Reverend Dr Emmanuel,

Diocese of the Holy Trinity, Zimbabwe'


Ordinations August 2014 





 The Episcopal Anglican church held its consecration for its first bishop on the 21st of June in the year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Fourteen at the Dutch Reformed Church City Centre, Harare, Zimbabwe where Bishop +Stuart Lawson from Diocese of Victoria, Australia was the Chief Consecrator. This followed the election held on the 29th of March 2014 where Bishop +Emmanuel was elected as the first bishop of the church in Zimbabwe. The EACZ had just been accepted into full Communion with AECI on the 17th of March 2014 and Bishop +Stuart Lawson of the Diocese of Victoria was given the responsibility of the oversight of the Church in Zimbabwe by the Metropolitan Archbishop. The Consecration Mandate was given on the 9th of April setting the preparation for the Consecration Event.

 The management team in Zimbabwe came up with a budget, road map and a program leading to the consecration day as its guiding tools in the preparation of the event. Having done all the preparations the church identified partners for the Church and other well-wishers and together raised the finance required to host the event. Bishop +Stuart Lawson and the church in Victoria were generous in meeting the travel cost for the Chief Consecrator which the church in Zimbabwe is very grateful.

 The Chief Consecrator Bishop +Stuart arrived in Zimbabwe on the 18th of June at about mid-day where he was met by the bishop-Elect Emmanuel, Clergy, Members of the Mothers’ Union Leadership and the Secretary General. It was indeed a joyous moment as it became real that the event was going to be realised. The Bishop was briefed on the dynamics and political landscape of the country and the high profile courtesy meetings which were to follow. The Bishop was given time to rest in his first home for the next three days in Westlea, Harare where he was to stay with the Secretary General Jethrow and family.

 On Thursday the church was accorded a courtesy call with the Minister of Presidential Affairs Cde Dydmus Mutasa at his offices in Harare where Bishop +Stuart Lawson briefed the minister about the church worldwide and the values it stand for being a bible believing church which does not ordain either women nor practicing homosexuals into Holy Orders. Discussion centred on possible areas of cooperation which are skills training, women and youth development, education, caring for the disadvantaged and Orphans and caring for the Sick (HIV & Aids) in order to empower them to fend for themselves. The minister assured the Bishop that the government will render necessary support the church requires and that the church was free to conduct its business in the country. This was then followed by an hour of rehearsals at the venue with most of the clergy present. In the afternoon Bishop +Stuart gave a leadership teaching to the clergy and what they are expected of in carrying out their duties of leading, teaching, caring, pastoring and tending God’s people. He also emphasized the need for Priest to have the knowledge of the Holy Scriptures and hence the need for continuous learning. The day was concluded with some pastoral home visits by Bishop +Stuart and the Bishop-Elect where Bishop +Stuart blessed a building project for one of the Mt Carmel parish member.

 The Friday was set for the bishop to relax in preparation for the consecration the following day. The Bishop and the Bishop-Elect visited a Day Care Centre for the children under five years and spend some time with them and giving them some post cards from Australia and Kukubarras were popular with the kids. The afternoon was spend at a nearby private game park where a few animals and birds were seen. The team had to retire early in preparation of the main day.

 The consecration event started at 0900 with a jovial congregation of over 350 people. Bishop +Stuart lead the consecration service and started with testimonials from the Church Registrar. The consecration mandates were read by the Registrar Mrs Grace Pfumbidzayi. This followed the consecration service and Bishop Emeritus Alfred was invited to also lay hands on Bishop +Emmanuel. Bishop +Stuart delivered a powerful sermon on the roles of the bishop as the Chief Shepherd, Manager, Counsellor, Leader, Priest, Listener, Father, Husband among the many roles of the bishop. The new Bishop +Emmanuel was enthroned and was asked to give his acceptance speech which was well received with the members of the church. The conferment of the Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree to Bishop +Emmanuel was a great surprise but a blessing to both the Church in Zimbabwe and Bishop +Emmanuel and all are very grateful to the Archbishop Emeritus ++Norman. Bishop +Stuart then asked Bishop +Emmanuel to lead the Holy Eucharist. The service ended at 1230pm and a luncheon was hosted for all who attended.

 Bishop +Stuart changed home from Westlea to Marlborough as planned where he spend the following four days with Bishop +Emmanuel & family. Bishop +Stuart preached in the Sunday service at Mt Carmel with Bishop +Emmanuel leading the service. The last part of the program saw Bishop +Stuart visiting some rural parishes where he ministered at the Parish of The Holy Cross, Chiwetu, Rusape where about 100 congregants welcomed the Bishops. The last day before the departure Bishop +Stuart conducted a workshop with the senior clergy and Bishop +Emmanuel on the different ways they conduct services in Australia as options. A question & answer session was conducted on different topics which was quite enriching. The evening followed with a farewell dinner for Bishop +Stuart hosted at the Registrar’s home and attended by the management committee and leaders from different parishes. It was a touching experience and all people expressed their gratitude to Bishop +Stuart and to the Archbishop for consecrating the first bishop of the church in Zimbabwe. People erupted into songs and dance in appreciation of the love shown by our Australian brothers and sisters in Christ and one particular song was from our Hymn book, number 117 Rock of Ages …. Which Bishop +Stuart sung very well in tongues?

 Bishop +Stuart was seen of at the Airport on the 25th of June by Bishop +Emmanuel, senior clergy and church leadership around mid-morning at 1045hrs. This was indeed an experience and it is the hope of the church that the church in Zimbabwe and Australia will grow from strength to strength and will continue to nature this relationship founded in God’s love. The church received the good news of the safe travel of Bishop +Stuart back to Australia with great joy and praised to God for the journey mercies.

 +Emmanuel Holy Trinity


Episcopal Anglican Church of Zimbabwe

Diocese of the Holy Trinity, Harare


Rt Rev Dr Emmanuel Eventhough Nyamusa      Bishop

Rev Canon Takorera Andrew Tandi                        Vicar -General  

Mrs Grace Pfumbidzayi                                                  Registrar

Mr Jethrow Makuwaza                                                   Secretary-General

Rt Rev Alfred Munyanyi                                                 Bishop-Emeritus


Parish of Mt Carmel, Marlborough, Harare

Rt Rev Dr Emmanuel Eventhough Nyamusa          Vicar

Rev Hillary Masiyiwa                                                      Asst Priest

Mrs Patricia Ruwodo                                                      Lay reader

Mr Bothwell Chipiti                                                          Lay reader


Parish of Bethel, Kuwadzana, Harare

Rev Canon Takorera Andrew Tandi                       Vicar

Mr David  Bingadadi                                                                  Lay reader

Mr Lancemore Sigudu                                                               Lay reader

Mrs Sherini                                                                                Lay reader


Parish of Holy Trinity, Mabvuku, Harare

Rev Richmond Makiwa                                          Vicar

Mr Islam Ngozo                                                                         Ordinand

Mr Kudambo                                                                             Lay reader


Parish of The Holy Name, Westlea, Harare

Rev Canon Greenfield Mwakipesile                       Vicar


Parish of The Good Shepherd, Domboshawa

Rev Kindness Mutseura                                         Deacon

Mr Mhembere                                                                           Lay reader


Parish of St Matthias, Marondera

Rev Moses Ndawana                                              Vicar

Rev   Itayi Mazhindu                                                Deacon


Parish of St Faith, Norton

Rev Dick Gezayi Mbauya                                         Vicar

Mr Kiss                                                                                Lay reader


Parish of Makoni East, Rusape

Rev Canon Webster K Simbabure                            Vicar


Parish of Holy Cross, Chiwetu, Rusape

Rev Josephite Katanga                                             Vicar


Sub-Parish of The Resurrection, Dewedzo, Rusape

Rev Daudi                                                                            Deacon


Parish of The Good Shepherd, Mtoko

Rev Tirivangani T Gunduza                                       Vicar


Parish of Makonde, Chinoyi

Rev Takunda Mupuriri                                              Vicar 





"At the end of April, a 3 day Youth Conference was held in Mutoko District. About 150 youths attended the Conference which dealt with issues affecting young people spiritually, socially, professionally and academically. Other issues related to HIV and Aids were also discussed. Evangelism and Church Governance were also dealt with in order to nurture a well-grounded Youth prepared to take Jesus Christ's mission of spreading the Good News to the ends of the world."

'The Conference was opened with a celebration of the Eucharist, celebrated by the Youth Chaplain,  Rev. Moses Ndawana, The Bishop-Elect preached at the Service. The Conference was concluded with an All Night Prayer Meeting.'




The Anglican Episcopal Church International Province of Australia, India & Oceania


 In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.  Amen.

To all the faithful in Christ Jesus throughout the world


Be it known that I, the Most Reverend John Langley,

by Divine Permission a Bishop of Christ’s Church,

 Metropolitan Archbishop of The Anglican Episcopal Church International

 Primate of the Province of Australia, India & Oceania

residing in Landsdale, Perth, Western Australia,

having given the matter prayerful consideration, am desirous of the following Priest,


The Rev’d. Emmanuel Eventhough Nyamusa


of whose pious, sober and honest life and conversation, competent learning and knowledge of Holy Scriptures, and soundness in the Faith we have been assured,

 being Consecrated, Appointed and Installed as a Bishop in

The Episcopal Anglican Church in Zimbabwe

to serve in the Diocese of The Holy Trinity, Zimbabwe.


Principal Consecrator

Bishop of Victoria, Australia, The Right Rev’d. Stuart Lawson


The said Consecration will take place at the Dutch Reformed Church,

 City Centre, Harare, Zimbabwe

on the Twenty-first day of June in the Blessed year of our Lord 2014.

 Given under our Seal and Signature at Landsdale, this 9th April 2014,

and in the 7th year of our Consecration. 


On 29th March 2014,

The Rev. Canon Emmanuel Eventhough Nyamusa

was elected as the Bishop-Elect. 

 Bishop-Elect Emmanuel and his wife Florence


 'Just to share with you our happiest moment in the history of our church our Elective Assembly met this morning at 0900hrs at Bethel, Harare and unanimously elected Rev. Canon Emmanuel Eventhough Nyamusa as our bishop Elect. Of the 12 votes possible he won them all. Our Registrar Mrs Grace Pfumbidzayi conducted the elections and was assisted by our Secretary General Mr Jethrow Makuwaza. All members of the Elective Assembly participated in the process with three  observers.' 


Vicar General Canon Rev'd. Fr. Takorera Andrew Tandi

Chairman Ecumenical Relations Canon Rev'd. Fr. Emmanual Eventhough Nyamusa

Vice Chairman Ecumenical Relations Rev'd. Fr. Dick Gezayi Mbauya

Secretary General Mr Jethrow Makuwaza

Registrar Mrs. Grace Pfumbidzayi 


Ladies Day 22nd March 2014 



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