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Let earth and Heaven agree

The Anglican Episcopal Church International

The Anglican Episcopal Church International was created in England to promote a Traditional Anglican Communion, as handed down by the preceeding generations of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church of England and to adhere to the orthodox Christian faith, through witness and service to the community, in this age of religious liberalism and secular decadence.

This Communion will offer sanctuary to the frightened and vulnerable in our society, regardless of background, and offer the hope of Salvation to the disenfranchised and ex-communicant from other denominations within our society; through friendship, fellowship and by offering material assistance to those in need.

It will be the duty of all Clergy and Laity, within the Church to visit and befriend the young and old, the needy and vulnerable, the homeless, the sick and the sinner, the dying, all those from whom there is a call for help and whomever is perceived as needing the comfort of a listening ear and a helping hand, regardless of status, colour, class or creed.

By means of practised faith and Christian witness, the Church will build up worshipping and supporting congregations. The Church will create and establish centres of administration and worship to promote and facilitate its programme of commitment and service to the wider community; through faith, and within its published Canons.



Our History

An historical examination of this Communion depicts that it is rooted in the teaching of the ancient Church enshrined in the Catholic Creeds, and the wisdom of all the Ecumenical Councils of the Christian Church, handed down by our forefathers.  Doctrines that since the Reformation, have been developed and amended to form what we term either as “The Anglican Tradition,” or “Traditional Anglicanism.”

The Anglican Episcopal Church International started life in the
United States of America
as the Anglican Independent Communion at a time when the old and stable Church of England embarked on its present course of Liberalisation.  Many clergy were dismayed and dissatisfied with the direction in which the C of E was heading and were unhappy with the changes to its liturgy, and the movement towards the ordination of women.

A group of like-minded clergy broke away from the parent Church, and out of this movement the AIC (later to be reformed as the AEC) was born.   This branch of the Traditional Anglican Communion was introduced to the
UK by Bishop Norman Dutton, who formed the first Diocese of the AIC in these islands. Later Bishop Dutton was consecrated Archbishop and was also appointed the Metropolitan Archbishop of the Anglican Independent Communion Worldwide


Archbishop Dutton remained the Metropolitan Archbishop for a number of years. In May 2008 in consultation with other members of the bishops and clergy the Anglican Episcopal Church International was formed.


Where we worship.

Since the earliest times Christians have met in each others homes to share fellowship, hear the Word of God, offer worship to Almighty God and celebrate the Eucharist. The AEC, at present, does not possess any Church buildings, but instead, gathers in the homes of the Faithful, just as did the early Christians, in rented premises or in private chapels and oratories or the buildings of other Churches.

"The churches in the province of Asia send you their greetings; Aquila and Priscilla and the church that meets in their house send warm Christian greetings."          I Corinthians 16:19

Bishop John - Who is he?


I am 66 years old, born in Sheffield but I lived in Blackpool, Lancashire UK from the age of 14 months. My wife Patricia and I have been married for 36 years. We have a grown up family of a son, Jonathan  aged 35 who lives in Australia and is married, and a daughter, Joanna aged 32, who is married and lives in Australia. We have three grandchildren. My wife and family are all active Salvationists.


For the majority of my working life I was a Civil Servant. For 8 years I was the Community Centre Manager at the Salvation Army in Blackpool. Then I re-joined the Civil Service until I took early retirement.


In 2008 we were granted permanent residents visas to join our family in Perth WA.


I was baptised into the C of E as a baby, but had very little contact with the Church apart from attending a C of E  Junior school. When I was 14 I started ‘looking’ for God and I found Him and came to faith. I joined the Roman Catholic Church when I was 15, and in my mid 20’s spent two years at Seminary College studying for the priesthood. I did not complete the course through to ordination. I decided that the celibate life was not for me!


I spent some years as an active member of the Salvation Army, teaching in the Sunday School, and later being Superintendent of the Sunday School, and leader of the youth Bible Study group. I led services and preached.( I found the Lord in the Salvation Army and also a wife! )


About 23 years ago I returned to my roots in the C of E because I longed for the Sacraments.  I am in the Anglo-Catholic tradition. I was Sub-Deacon at the Parish Eucharist. I was a  licensed Lay Reader for over 8 years. I officiated at Evensong, and preached both at Evensong and at the Eucharist on a rota with the Parish Priest. I administered the Sacrament at Holy Communion, and also I took the Reserved Sacrament to the Housebound. I helped prepare candidates for Confirmation.


I suppose that I was living a ‘frustrated vocation’ to Holy Orders, in that I believe God called me to be a priest but I have always felt that I did not let God have all of me when I was studying for the Roman Priesthood. I always felt that I let Him down and that He would never give me another chance.


When I found Anglican Independent Communion (later to be reformed as The Anglican Episcopal Church International), together with what they believe and practice, I found a fresh hope and an encouragement that perhaps through that Communion, God would give me another chance to serve Him in the priesthood.


I am not worthy of Priesthood, and never can be, but I believed that God’s Grace could work through me if He wanted me as a priest in the Anglican Independent Communion.


I have to be honest in that I had not fallen out with the C of E. I love the church I attended, and the beauty of the Liturgy and the Prayer Book. I loved the members of my church, and I had a very good personal and working relationship with my parish priest. Yet I felt that I could serve God and my fellow men better, by serving as a priest in the Anglican Episcopal Church.  (To consider taking Holy Orders in the C of E at my age was neither practicable nor possible with my family circumstances; there were too many barriers in the way!)


I was ordained Deacon, and then ordained Priest in the Anglican Independent Communion.


And on 16th June 2007, I was consecrated Bishop to commence the work of the AEC here in Western Australia.


On 2nd October 2010 I was installed as Archbishop for the province of Australia and Oceania.


On 15th July 2012 I was installed as Metropolitan Archbishop of The Anglican Episcopal Church International.


                   Jonathan , Joanna, Bishop John and Patricia



I will be continuing in my ministry now that we live in Australia

As I am not on the staff of any church, nor have the responsibility for any church buildings, I am permitted to conduct services in people’s homes, gardens etc., or any dignified setting.

I am available for:

Christenings/ Baptism


Celebrating the Holy Eucharist/ Mass/ Holy Communion

          House Blessings

Marriage Blessings

Praying with and for those who are ill


(I do not charge for any of my services.)

I celebrate the Holy Communion in our home, every Sunday at 10am. You are more than welcome, whatever your denomination, to come and join me and take part in this service. Please contact me (details are found on the Contact Us page.)

I am neither bible-thumping nor pressure-converting! I just want to let you know that I am available for those times when you may require the services of a Christian minister.






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